MS and PhD Economics External Review

To comply with the HEC requirements, QEC IBA conducted an External Review Meeting of the PhD and MS Eco Program on 31 January 2020 at IBA Main Campus.

The purpose of the meeting was to audit the program against the HEC minimum criteria to check its compliance in terms of program structure, resources, policies and its overall progress.

Following are the Assessment Team AT Member & Program Team (PT) Members :

Assessment Team (AT) Members:

For PhD Eco

  1. Dr. Zulfiqar Hyder ( State Bank of Pakistan )

For MS Eco

  1. Dr. Ambreen Fatima (AERC , University of Karachi )


Program Team (PT) Members:

  1. Dr. Asma Hyder (Associate Professor and Chairperson , Economics Department, IBA)
  2. Dr. Heman Das Lohano (Professor and Program Director , Economics Department, IBA)