What is Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)?
The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is established under the mandate of the HEC in Pakistan to further enhance, and perform constant quality reviews. At the IBA the establishment of QEC also serves institutional focus to continuously improve quality at all levels through quality assurance and national and international level accreditations.

How is accreditation achieved?
Accreditation is achieved by conforming to pre-set standards and quality checks as mandated by the accreditor body. Reforms and changes are implemented to abide by the quality principles.
Once accreditation has been achieved, it is sustained through continuous progress reviews and quality enhancement through new initiatives and assessment cycles.

What is Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)?
The HEC has implemented reforms in higher education to advance quality and standards of educational degree programs and institutions. IPE outlines a set of standards on which a progress review is conducted. The review committee then shares feedback with the institutions for observations and recommendations.

What is Self-Assessment Report (SAR)?
SAR assesses the academic programs as per the criterion and standards devised in Self-Assessment manual. The assessment team then highlights its findings, the results aimed to further strengthen and implement actions where required.