Training on How to Upload Course Folder on LMS

Course folders are essential for documenting and reporting critical aspects of the course. They enable an analysis of the existing curriculum by providing an opportunity to review the course objectives, course content, reading materials, and assessment tools. Course Folders are reviewed by the regulatory body such as the Higher Education Commission and accreditation bodies relevant to programs and during program evaluations and Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) visit. Course folders are used to assess how courses are aligned to the current standards and the overall university.

Every semester faculty members are required to upload their course folders on LMS. The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at IBA facilitates this activity. For the ease of faculty members, QEC conducted a weeklong training for the faculty members of all eight departments at IBA. The training was found to be very useful by the faculty and resulted in a training video of uploading course folders on LMS, which can be accessed from HERE.