NCEAC Accreditation Visit

October 25th, 2021: In accordance with Higher Education Commission (HEC) requirements, the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at the IBA facilitated an accreditation visit from the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC) on Monday, 25th October 2021.  

The objective of the visit was to achieve accreditation for the recent batches of our BS Computer Science program, which was achieved successfully. It was carried out by the following esteemed members of the Council: 

1. Dr Shoaib A Khan, Sir Syed CASE, Islamabad
2. Dr Zohaib Iqbal, NUCES-FAST, Islamabad

It was attended by the Executive Director of the IBA, the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences (SMCS) as well as the Faculty of Computer Science. 

We hope to continue implementing such visits to raise the standards of the programs offered at the IBA, Karachi. "