Participation in the International Conference on Quality Assurance and presentation of Research Paper by team QEC

March 08-10, 2022: The QEC team from IBA Karachi, presented a research paper in the 3rd International Conference on quality assurance, arranged by Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (PNQAHE). The tile of the conference was “Governance and Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions”. The conference was held at the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh. Mr. Sheikh Masood Ali, Manager QEC and Ms. Anjiya Nuruddin, Senior Executive, QEC, jointly presented a research paper titled “QEC intervention during post-Covid-19 online learning”. The research paper was authored by Mr. Sheikh Masood Ali and co-authored by Ms. Anjiya Nuruddin and Ms. Saadia Rasheed. The paper discussed the role of QECs at nationally accredited business schools across Pakistan, post-COVID-19. The research was based on focused group discussion sessions, held with the Heads of the QECs of nationally accredited business schools, and the study revolved around the identification of challenges faced by institutions and the steps taken by the QECs, during and post COVID-19 pandemic situation, to identify good practices that other HEIs in the country can adopt.