IBA Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Learning from Quality Measures at University of Malaya - Workshop

A 10th Teaching Quality Enhancement Workshop "Learning from Quality Measures at University of Malaya" was held on March 30th, 2013 at VCs room both campuses. This workshop organized by IBA QEC and conducted by Ms. Yasmin Zafar. Ms. Yasmin Zafar recently visited the University Of Malaya and shared her experience in workshop.  This workshop was especially designed for faculty to improve quality of teaching. The following are participants of this successful event.  

  1. Fariha Raza

  2. Aniqa Kashif

  3. Fatima Akhud

  4. Saima Husain

  5. Dr. Huma Amir

  6. Dr. Amber Gul

  7. Erum Abbasi

  8. Mirza Sardar

  9. Nida Aslam Khan

  10. Farah Naz Baig

  11. Warda Rasool