IBA Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Meeting of AACSB Core committee

QEC organised a meeting of AACSB Core committee to discuss the progress review and future action plan in line with Mentor's feedback.
Following members attended the meeting:
Dr Amber Gul Rashid, Assistant Professor
Dr. Faiza Mushtaq Chairperson Dept. of Social Sciences
Dr. Heman Das Lohano Chairperson Dept. of Economics
Dr. Kamran Mumtaz Chairperson Dept. of Management
Dr. Rameez Khalid Academic Director PGD (SCM)
Mr Haroon Tabraze Chairperson Dept. Accounting & Law
Mr. Saleem Umer Program Director EMBA
Ms. Nyla Aleem Ansari Academic Director PGD (HRMS)
Dr Shahid Mir Director, QEC
Ms Suraiya Khatoon Manager QEC
Ms. Rabia Faisal Executive Accreditation, QEC
Mr. Faisal Zaka Assistant Manager QEC
Ms. Farhana Kazmi Data Analyst QEC